Past Events

Paris Open Source Summit

16-17/11/2016, Paris: Paris Open Source Summit (in French).
Cédric Thomas and Armony Altinier co-ordinated the accessibility track: “Les technologies et les bonnes pratiques de l'open source pour favoriser l'accessibilité”, on 17 November, from 11 a.m. till 12.30. On 18 November, Armony Altinier also led an AccessCamp together with Stéphane Deschamps from the Open Source Accessibility initiative (OSAi) of OW2 software community.
See also Accessibilité au Paris Open Source Summit le 17 novembre, et AccessCamp le 18 novembre 2016 on Armony Altinier's blog.


30-31/01/2016, Brussels: FOSDEM 2016 website.
Freedom #0 gave two presentations and a lightning talk:

Journées du Logiciel Libre

02-03/04/2016, Lyon.

Ubuntu Party Paris

28-29/05/2016, Paris.
Ubuntu Party Paris: Liberté0 had a booth at and Armony Altinier made a presentation about “Le logiciel libre à l'épreuve de l'intégration sociale”.

Alternatiba (2015)

26-27/09/2015, Paris.
Liberté0 had a booth at Alternatiba.

DebConf 2015

15-22/08/2015, Heidelberg, Germany.
Samuel Thibault made the following presentation: Thanks for maintaining a desktop environment. But is it accessible? (Saturday 22 August): video.
The conference schedule is still available on the DebConf15 website.

Festival Esperanzah!

01-02/08/2015, Floreffe, Belgium.
Liberté 0 was represented at the booth of Abelli in the “Village des possibles”.

Festival Résistances

03-11/07/2015, Foix, France.
Liberté 0 did not have it's own boot, but Kinou also talked accessibility and our association at the boot Framasoft, in the associatons village.


04-10.07.2015, Beauvais, France.
Freedom #0 was present with a booth and made the following presentations:

All our presentations were part of the thread Accessibility.

Study Day « Handicap et TIC »

On 8 june 2015, Sébastien Hinderer and Samuel Thibault participated in a study day on « Handicap et TIC » (“disability and ICT”) at the Maison des Sciences Sociales du Handicap (MSSH). Their slides PDF are available on the wiki.

Festival Extra Ordinaire

Freedom #0 was present at the first few days of the “Festival Extra Ordinaire” (literally “extra-ordinary festival”), in Paris, France. In addition to a booth; some of our members held workshops, gave interviews and made presentations.
See the schedule on the website of Charles et Compagnie and L'Agenda du Libre.

Premier samedi du Libre

Freedom #0 was present at the “Premier samedi du Libre”: Texou was at our booth and made a presentation about …

Journées du Logiciel Libre (JDLL)

Freedom #0 was present at the Journées du Logiciel Libre (JDLL / Libre Software Days) in Lyon on 28-29 March 2015. In addition to a booth we contributed two presentations (both in French):


Freedom #0 was present at FOSDEM in Brussels on 31 January and 1 February. Three of our members gave a talk:

In addition, Marco Zehe, quality assurance engineer at Mozilla, gave a talk entitled Reaching more users through better accessibility: Using Firefox OS to test your apps for better accessibility and usability of your mobile web application.